Yesterday, the Vice-President of the Commission Maros Sefcovic declared that the European Commission had defined a plan to set up a duty on American exports to force next July: of June the new duties start applying in July “. This is a response to Donald Trump’s decision to impose tariffs on incoming steel and aluminum.

Thanks for the broad support of the EU Member States, the Commission has set up a plan of 25% duties on 2.8 billion euros of United States (US) exports. This taxation would concern US products such as orange juice, steel products, jeans, and motorcycles.

Now, you need to be taxed or not. Germany which was the most reticent to impose these tariffs, seems now ready to do so.

The EU also wants to proceed with a World Trade Organization (WTO) settlement case as it is believed that the decision of the US is unjustified and illegal. Hence, Maros Sefcovic insisted on the fact that the response of the EU is legal according to the WTO rules and is proportionate to the unlawful and unilateral decision of the US.

Finally, Jyrki Katainen, Vice President of the European Commission, said that they want to improve their trading environment, they will always find a friend on the other side of the Atlantic.

Maurane Delpeuch

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