Right after having expressed their will to achieve denuclearization and undertake a brand new peaceful relationship with the United States, today, North Korea has made a new step forward with its alter ego and neighbour South Korea. Indeed, this Friday, both parties have signed an agreement opening a full time liaison office at the shared border in Kaesong. This step forward is seen as a strong symbol marking the end of decades of conflict. Leader Kim Jong-un and President Moon Jae-in holding their third meeting of the year created this office standing in the midway of a full diplomatic representation in each capital (which will hopefully be the next step). For now, the office will be staffed by members from both country, and will mainly have for mission to reduce misunderstandings between the two entities regarding the military facilities located at the border. Also, the office will serve as a new meeting space for the two countries, apparently having the first purpose of establishing economic projects. Moreover, the institution could help, through the South Korean government, to bridge the gap between North Korea and the United States.

Victor Gardet


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