One year after the catalan referendum which was a failure, mass protests occured all across the region and espacially in Barcelona, blocking roads, major motorways and train lines, to demonstrate against the police violences and to voice the strong will to still get independence. Although, the « yes » won last year the referendum with 90% of the votes, the gouvernemental repression expunged the legal right for the indenpentists to organize such an unconstitutional action, and the position of the government today hasn’t changed.

Yesterday, more than 180 000 demonstrators expressed their solidarity and their support for the catalan cause in the streets of Barcelona. And, what had to happen, finally happened: activists and police clashed again. Few separatists were injured and some other were arrested. This anniversary on the street rekindled the embers of catalan autodetermination project, such a pity when Pedro Sanchez and Quim Torra were improving the diologue where Rajoy and Puigdemont failed.

Victor Gardet

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