Prime Minister Scott Morrison delivered an emotional speech in parliament, acknowledging the common responsibility of the Australian institutions in the past sexual assaults that have been occurring for a very long time in Australia. He expressed the idea that the government must shoulder its responsibilities in order to undertake the failure. He strongly confessed that Australia failed the victims (especially the children) and that it will always be “our” shame. Prime Minister made the promise that despite the impossibility to prevent every abuse in the future, Australia can promise to commit « to hear and believe » every victim. Finally, he decided to create a museum and a research center in order to raise awareness about the impact of child sexual assaults. The museum will also serve the memory of the victims and help the Australians reminding those who suffered in silence. The Prime Minister denounced the Australian institutions left unchecked for too long and those responsible for this betrayal; the schools, the religious organisations, all the governments, the orphanages and the sports and social clubs.

Victor Gardet

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