The Americans have chosen. The Democrats regain the
majority in the House after 8 years and the Republicans keep the Senate. The
most awaited result coming from the midterm elections showed that President
Donald Trump lost the control of the first branch of the Congress.

Exit polling shows that over two-thirds of voters explicitly said that
one reason for the vote for the U.S. Senate had to do with
President Trump. Over a third of voters (38 percent) attributed their vote
partially to opposing Trump, and almost all of them said they voted for the
Democratic candidate. Of the 26 percent of voters who said that a reason for
their vote was to support Trump, the vast majority voted for a Republican

Looking at
opinions of Mr. Trump among all voters, only 44 percent of approved his job
performance, with 54 disapproving. Among disapprovers, 90 percent voted for the
Democratic House candidate. A similar 88 percent of those who approved of Trump
voted for the Republican House candidate.

Maria Elena Argano

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