The President of the French Republic spoke yesterday to the French after three weeks of revolts in the wake of the Yellow Vests movement. The social outcry was coupled with numerous incidents on the fringes of the demonstrations in Paris and the rest of France.

After a long period of silence, President
Macron finally spoke on 10 December to outline several measures to ease
tensions. Among the most important are the increase in the minimum wage by 100
euros, the end of fuel taxes and the end of the pension tax for pensioners
receiving less than 2000 euros per month. However, these measures remain
insufficient for many French people who expected a lot from this speech. Many
denounce in particular the fact that all these measures will be financed by
public finances, without increasing the contribution of the richest,
particularly with the restoration of the wealth tax, which is widely demanded
by yellow jackets.

Despite this attempt to calm the situation,the movement should continue in the coming days.

Cécile Wlodarczak

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