Today marks the opening of the 49th
World Economic Forum in Davos. It opens with a climate of crisis and distrust
announced by a large number of international actors.

In a recent column, Klaus Schwab,
founder and chair of the Davos Forum, said:

international system of governance is no longer adapted to a changing world at
such a rapid pace

It calls for “designing
a new global architecture at the age of the fourth industrial revolution”, for
“a more cooperative, inclusive, sustainable globalization
”, in short “to moralize globalization

This willingness and concern was reiterated by IMF
President Christine Lagarde in the press conference on Monday, January 21th.

It announced two major risks for 2019. The first is
political, the second economic.

After two years
of solid growth, the global outlook is weakening and the risk of the situation
deteriorating is now high
,” said Christine Lagarde. “

Forum participants are concerned
about 4 points:

  • The decline in growth
  • Trade tensions between major trading powers
  • Consistent rise in inequality pointed out by the Oxfam
    NGO report.
  • Insufficient response to climate change

Questions also remain on the event.
Indeed, the forum which was initially spread over two weeks now lasts three
days. Three days to deal with all the subjects upsetting globalization.

Moreover, despite strong
participation (3200 participants), many members of the global economic elite
will be absent: Emmanuel Macron, Donald Trump
(held up by the shutdown), Theresa May, and also Vladimir Putin and Chinese
President Xi Jimping

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