The Queen urged
people to respect « different points of view » and called for Britons
to find a “common ground” amid Brexit divisions. Her remarks came in a speech reported
by Britain’s Press Association, which she delivered at the Women’s Institute in
Sandringham on Thursday. The Queen Elizabeth II was speaking at an event to
mark the 100 years of Sandringham Women’s Institute in Norfolk as she used to
make an annual visit to its members. She asked Britons to put the « [a]
continued emphasis on patience, friendship”. Some commentators say the remarks are
referred to the Brexit debate, with MPs due to vote on the PM’s deal for
leaving the EU again next week. A BBC royal correspondent notably said that there
was little doubt the Queen wanted to « send a message ». Indeed, the
Queen’s remarks come as Prime Minister Theresa May is due to return to the
House of Commons with her revised plan for Brexit on 29th January,
after her deal was rejected by MPs in a historic defeat on 15th January.
Nonetheless, The Queen, as head of state, remains neutral on political matters
and does not usually express her views on contentious issues.


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