The Hungarian government of
Viktor Orban launched a media campaign on Facebook against the American
investor and philanthropist George Soros and the President of the European commission
Jean-Claude Juncker. The Hungarian prime minister accused them to “encourage
illegal immigration and to undermine the country’s borders”.

The European commission has
reacted by calling “shocking” that “such ridiculous theories have become
mainstream”. Natasha Bertaud, Juncker’s spokesperson, declared at Il Sole 24 Ore that “the Juncker Commission
is committed against misinformation and fake news and this case is no
exception. Hungarians deserve facts, not fictions. The EU supports and does not
weaken national border protection. There is no plan for « humanitarian visas ».
Members states decide to what extent they accept legal immigration”.

anti-EU campaign (financed with public money)

The relationship between Orban
and Juncker has been tense since the European summit held in 2015, when the
President of the European commission greeted the Hungarian leader calling him

Subsequently, the same
relations between EU and Hungary have further cooled, above all because of the
internal political choices of the Hungarian government and of the European
migration policy, not shared by Hungary.

a press conference held on February 15, 2019
, a government spokesman
explained that he wanted to tell the truth to Hungarian citizens. According to
him, “the elites in Brussels are planning some measures to loosen access
control and facilitate migratory flows. Everyone has the right to know the
current proposal that fundamentally endanger the security of Hungary”.

Among the cases mentioned are
the introduction of mandatory quotas for all EU countries, the granting of
visas and money to asylum seekers, the financing of the organisations that
support the flows, the “penalisation of countries that do not want
immigration”, perhaps alluding to the hypothesis of sanctions against Member
states opposed to distribution of migrants.

commission’s reaction

The European commission
denounced the Facebook poster as a “ludicrous conspiracy theory”. “Against lies
there is not much that can be done. I proposed the withdrawal of Fidesz (from
the European People’s Party), the party of Viktor Orban, because I think that
the conservatives in Hungary do not represent Christian-democrats values .This
is not common ground between me and Mr. Orban », replied
Juncker while speaking at a public meeting in Stuttgart, Germany, on February

The Hungarian prime minister
and his Fidesz party will be on the agenda of the EPP political assembly on 20
March. The purpose of this event is to approve the group’s manifesto before
European parliament elections in May. The
Hungarian leader is facing a backlash and risks being expelled after his government
launched the anti-EU campaign against the European commission leader,
Jean-Claude Juncker, who is also in the EPP. The EPP is Europe’s most powerful
political force, with the highest number of seats in the European parliament
and nine EU leaders among its ranks.

The executive body of the EU
quickly denied the various theories spread by the Hungarian government. The
first clarification concerns the quota mechanism that would be imposed,
according to Hungary, voluntarily: “As regards the relocation of asylum
seekers, it has always been carried on a voluntary basis. Hungary was asked to
show solidarity with member states by accepting a very limited number of
refugees (1294 people). Hungary did not accept it”.

The Commission also replied to
the accusation of wanting to weaken the EU borders by mentioning the proposal
to deploy ten thousand agents on the borders, the repatriation of
irregularities and some agreements established with many countries, above all Turkey.
The Commission has no plan to propose a new legislation on the so-called
“humanitarian visas”.

Flavio Mastrorillo


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