Exactly one year ago, the Article 7 process
was triggered against Hungary after over 6 years of concerns over its rule of
laws. The Hungarian interior minister, Judit Varga, was in Bruxelles yesterday
to defend her country and answer the MEP’s question over the rule of laws.

She was adamant that her country did
nothing wrong and calls for the EU to avoid double standards and respect the
procedure. She hinted that the sanctions were a witch hunt in reaction of
Hungary rejecting « mass immigration ». But the European parliament made a
worrying report about changes to the election system, ruling party dominance of
institutions, systemic corruption and violating media freedom. The accused
country needs to demonstrate its innocence while it risks losing its EU funds
and could be stripped of its voting right but that remains unlikely at the

Jérémy Biedermann.

L’article #FactOfTheDay 17/09/2019 The rule of laws in Hungary is once again under EU scrutiny. est apparu en premier sur Le portail de référence pour l'espace de liberté, sécurité et justice.

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