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In November 2017, The European Commission launched the contest “Challenge to Solve” which invites citizens and scientists to rethink the way new technologies are used in the context of humanitarian aid[1]. With this contest that ends in January 2020, the EU sheds light onto the “Agenda for Humanity” brought forward by the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon during the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit[2]. In the light of increasing humanitarian crisis across the globe, this agenda emphasises the necessity to innovate and explore the role of new technologies to overcome humanitarian problems. Therefore, this paper seeks to explore the meddling of the technological and humanitarian fields and provide insight into the extent these new technologies could tackle serious humanitarian disasters.

L’article The role of new technologies in preventing and mitigating humanitarian disasters: To what extent can this be achievable and efficient in the long-term? est apparu en premier sur Le portail de référence pour l’espace de liberté, sécurité et justice.

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