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July 2019, four citizens’ initiatives are on the news. Three of them have been registered and the last one has been refused. Since the citizens’ initiative system has been simplified, this tool of transnational direct democracy is more and more relevant. The protection of the environment is the main topic tackled by these citizens’ initiatives. In July 2020, whether the initiatives succeed in collecting at least one million signatures in seven different member states of the European Union (EU), the European Commission will translate them into proposition of regulation.

L’article July 2019: three new citizens’ initiatives open for signatures est apparu en premier sur Le portail de référence pour l’espace de liberté, sécurité et justice.

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The 24th Conference of Parties for climat change, started today in Katowice (Poland). It follows acts of demonstrations in Brussels where around 75.000 people protested in the streets (02/12). A very big signal sent to the different heads of states parties to the Convention. However leaders are described as less ambitious than expected. Indeed, Edouard […]

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